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Traumatic Brain Injuries

ISCRE and Time for a Hero support the most advanced regenerative medical treatments for veterans of Special Operations Forces.

Traumatic brain Injuries have become the signature wound of veterans. There have been over 383,900 traumatic brain injuries reported by the Defense Medical Surveillance System and medical advances in stem cell therapy offer new hope. TBI injuries can be healed for our soldiers and veterans, and ISCRe and Time for a Hero work to provide research, education, and resources to treat our veterans.

Here’s What We Do:

  1. Identify SOF veterans in need

If you are a SOF veteran seeking support for TBI treatment we’d love to speak with you.

  1. Treat veterans in world-class clinics

We work with pioneering doctors using the most advanced regenerative medical treatments.

  1. Cover the cost of treatments

Average cost per patient is over $30,000. We pay all expenses.

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